Thursday, August 25, 2016

This is what dreams are made of Aug 15, 2016

Hey now

how is everyone??? I AM DOING GREAT. No joke. I am so happy. this last
week has been so fun! My new companions are the greatest and Freeport
itself is just amazing and I am in love. There used to be a big
pretzel factory here so the high school and news papers and everything
have some sort of pretzel mascot or theme even though the factory got
shut down years ago. its the greatest. And everyone here is so nice!
and just always sitting outside on their porch so we talk to soooo
many people whenever we go out tracting. I love it
My companions!!!!! So now I am in a trio which has been a dream since
the beginning of the mission because trios are just cool. and I am
serving with Sister Turner who is from Ogden and is probably the most
missionary missionary there ever was. In a good way. You know how some
people are just born natural athletes? I think this sista was born a
natural missionary. its been so nice to be able to serve with her and
learn from her. And she is so normal. this might not make sense but it
just calms me down because there are some really great missionaries
that I've been able to serve around but a lot of them have been really
intense and it just stresses me out and makes me feel like the only
way I can be a good missionary is if I am crazy but Sister Turner is
chill and she is an awesome missionary. I love her. My other new
companion is Sister Peterson who is from -get this- Alpine. and get
this, she went to Lone Peak. and get this, she went to Utah state. and
get this, we have never met before. This makes a total of 4 people who
I went to school with before the mission. Weird. granted she graduated
a year after than me but its still crazy that we have never talked to
each other or anything because we knew a lot of the same people. which
is a real shame because I LOVE HER. As a trio we are all really
similar and get a long really well. we were definitely friends in the
preexistence. and we will definitely be friends after the mission. I
really hope none of us get transferred but the likelihood of that is
slim. Sister Turner has been here in Freeport for three transfers
already and she has been training Sister Peterson for two of them. so
they will probably get separated so that Sister Peterson can try out
missionary life without her trainer. So I might be the one who greenie
breaks her. who knows.. Heavenly Father probably.... but not me.
anyways if I hadn't been told that Sister Peterson was in training I
wouldn't have known it because she is already a A+ missionary and
knows everything. She is great. We are all guessing that Sister Turner
leaves since she has been here the longest and then Sister Peterson
and I stay. We find out on Saturday so we will see. I really hope I
stay though, because #1 Freeport has become my missionary heaven and I
love it here and #2 I really do not want to to pack everything up
I'll pray!
anyways a little bit more about the area, Freeport is out in the
boonies and our stake is right next to the Davenport stake (hello
Cheryl). the Freeport ward itself is about three times as big as the
stake that I was just over in Schaumburg. It is a lot of cornfields,
soy beans, and farm land. as well as a down town area in the middle
which is kind of projects-y. its an interesting combination of people
at church but I love it! AND amazing news, I am poaching on these
Sisters Baptism that they are having this Saturday. a recent covert
named Judy moved here in July sometime and wants FOUR of her kids are
getting baptized. and THEY ARE THE CUTEST. I will send a picture.
Their names are Roschea, Keynora, LaShay, and Malichi. they are the
light of my world. I've already taught them 3 times in this past week
and they are just so fun. I definitely missed seeing kids running
around while I was in the YSA. but anyways yeah I am excited for these
kids, they are so awesome and all of them were yelling and some were
crying when they all passed their baptism interviews. so tender. This
area is really good and these sisters have been doing a great job
taking care of it and working with the ward and reactivating people as
well. we have a couple teaching appointments everyday so we are really
busy! but its still pretty easy to find people to talk to in our
this update is really long so I'll end it soon, but I just wanted to
leave you with a lil testimony that God answers prayers. I have
learned this time and time again. BUT ITS TRUE. and it is almost
always in a way and a time that you don't see coming. I never expected
a prayer that I said at the beginning of my mission to be answered 6
months later in the middle of nowhere in Freeport, or that some of the
more difficult things that have happened on my mission were weirdly
answers to my prayers as well (be careful what you pray for am I
right). Anyways God is good, the church is true, you can become who
you want to become if you will let God refine you, pray always

šŸŒ½Sister MadsenšŸŒ½
Us and the kids!
And our district leaders who interviewed them on the back porch
We are so white

We had an appointment with our investigator Tarrone who ended up being
way late because he forgot about the lesson and was on a walk when we
called him which is normal because no one here has any concept of
time. So we just waited around on his front porch that had weird
amount of chairs and books and other nonsense  that nobody seems to
steal. And then He came .and the lesson was good and he said he would
be baptized so it all works out

Illinois has the best clouds and the best sunsets for real.
Also some things I forgot:
I don't think I mentioned it but I have literally wanted to go to
Freeport since I heard about it my first transfer because it is just
so cool and crazy and now I'm here and I'm so happy and I JUST BELONG
Our apartment is a three story townhouse castle,
Kay, the investigator from my last area is still doing good, other
missionaries are teaching him now and he really wants to find the
truth! Gahhhh he's great I'm so jealous that other people get to teach
him because he is GOLDEN
There is a couple streets that we "aren't allowed" to go on bc GANGS

Because of emergency transfers I got to crash on sister turners
exchange and got to go on exchanges with sister Davis AGAIN. It was
great, she is awesome, I'm glad I got to see her again before she goes
And everyone at the food pantry we went to was giving us all sorts of
nonsense because "oh there's three of you now!" And they nicknamed us
hear no evil speak no evil see no evil so it had to be documented. And
we all just decided to wear buns bc sister missionary. And I look like
an idiot in every picture but I've accepted it and embrace it

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