Monday, August 22, 2016

Cicadaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh July11, 2016

Welp transfer calls have come and gone and Sister Ensign and I are staying single!! Haha. Actually this is sister ensigns last transfer so technically she is DYING single so that's hilarious. Also the cicadas have arrived. They have been here for awhile but this week has been the most prominent, nothing like screaming bugs to tell you it's summer haha. Work wise not a lot has happened this week unfortunately. Steve did call us after he missed church on Sunday and he told us he was going to take a break from the church for a couple months and my heart was like noooooooooooooooo I was so sad. But in the very same phone call. Almost in the very same sentence. he changed his mind and asked when institute was and if we could start teaching him again. Wut. It has all been very confusing but I'm glad that for now he is on an upward track. I'm just worried for when he goes off to college again in August.
Other than that not much has happened. But I do have some pictures to send this week so hurrah. Also on a good note apparently Pokemon has come out with some sort of new game for the phone that everyone in the branch has been losing their minds over. But it has ended up being a good thing because suddenly there are a TON more YSA people walking around outside that would have otherwise normally been inside watching tv or whatever. So we've been able to talk to a lot more people this week which has been great!  
But before I go I wanted to share a quick thought. Yesterday during Sunday school we were teaching about fasting and we got the class into this great discussion about the power that comes from fasting and it was awesome. And someone made a comment about how we go without food for a day but we wouldn't ever go a week without food because that would be insanity and no bueno and it would harm us physically. And he related back to how spiritually we get fed every Sunday. But is that the only time we get fed during the week? Is that the only time we think about church or Jesus or the gospel? We would never physically go without nourishment for a whole week. So why would we spiritually? Ahhhhh it was so good. ARE WE FEASTING ON THE WORDS OF CHRIST DAILY? ARE WE FEEDING OURSELVES SPIRITUALLY EVERY DAY BY READING THE SCRIPTURES? Right now I am because I am a missionary. But what about when I am at home? Lots of reflection has gone on this past week. I love it. I love you all Amen.

Have a good one

Sister Madsen 

Been praying too hard. SIKE this is the result of our super non competitive really relaxed non battle to the death soccer game that we played with all the other missionaries on the Fourth of July

The beautiful outdoors.
Sister ensign and I found a new forest preserve to walk around that has tons of people fishing and kayaking. It's beautiful.

My sunglasses from DI broke and which left me shocked and disappointed,But I got to eat the HOT DOG OF CHAMPIONS so it made up for it

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