Thursday, August 4, 2016

I'm only four months out and I'm sick of coming up with titles June 20,2016

Where to begin.. This week felt pretty standard even though it wasn't. On Monday we drove to one of the downtown areas in the stake and were contacting around a river that was there. We met this guy named Elex who is awesome! He asked us to share a scripture with him and we did and testified of the Book of Mormon and he told us he would love to learn more! It was great, we got his contact info and parted ways. We were a little ways up the street when we hear someone shout "HEY LADIES" and I just ignored it. Our area in general pretty safe but where we happened to be that night was a little more on the sketchy side. To give you a better idea I have been proposed to in that area twice.. So naturally I just assumed the guy yelling at us was one of my future husbands and I figure I'll have plenty of time to talk to him later. But again the voice persisted "LADIES" so we turn around and Elex is running towards us and in my head I'm thinking "noooooo he's one of the crazies". Anyways he caught up to us and it turns out he just wanted to give us two Powerade bottles he had in his gym bag because it was hot outside. I love people. What's better than nice strangers? NOTHING. it was sweet, and we have a lesson set up with him this week and I'm stoked. 
The next day was exchanges and I was with the lovely Sister Davis, who I did not get a picture with. But it turns out we were on the same club soccer team in high school!! So cool. I've talked to her a dozen times but we could never figure out how we knew each other until we were on exchanges. And of course it was soccer, the greatest sport that unites the world. There is actually a girl in our branch who literally became a member because of soccer. And she doesn't even play. IM NOT LYING. that was the first thing she said to me, one of her favorite soccer players is Mormon and it got her interested in learning more and she requested missionaries to come teach her. The world is amazing. Anything can be tied back to the gospel, I LOVE IT. 
The infamous Aldopho who calls us at least every Saturday saying he needs God in his life and is going to come to church has yet to come to church. But he called us at 3 am this morning to mix things up. We called him back WAY later and he said he is ready to change and want to know God and needs help, so we have a lesson with him today. Heavenly Father has literally been dropping tons of little miracles into our laps and making new investigators fall from the sky. We are blessed, and the fireflies are starting to come out!

Have a happy Father's Day and a good week. 

Sister Madsen  
Unfortunately the only picture I have this week is from a dinner we had with a family from the Branch Presidency. Who have been telling me all transfer that they are excited for me to "pick my nose" and now I finally understand what they meant. And this glamour shot is what followed:

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