Monday, August 22, 2016

gimme a hand, July 25, 2016

There are no words to describe the insanity of this week. or the miracles. or the heat. actually there are..and I will use them right now.
To start off this week Steve relapsed after 70 days of sobriety which was very sad and a roller coaster in itself.. Satan is working real hard on him and it sucks. he told us about his relapse and that he didn't want to talk to us anymore or come to church and he basically just gave up. and then he texted us later that day and asked if we could have a lesson the next day. we had NO idea what to expect in that lesson and that morning was probably the most stressful hour of personal study I have ever had. Then at the lesson he was a completely different person. he told us that he knew that he couldn't over come his addictions without God's help and that he realized it now that he had relapsed. And he was going to start going to addiction recovery again even though he hates it. SUCH A MIRACLE. even though it was not good that he relapsed this is probably the best outcome that could have come from it. sometimes people need to hit a rock bottom to realize that they can't do everything on their own and NEED Heavenly Father. I was reading in Hebrews 12 about trials and whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and its so true. he gives us trials to help us learn and to rely on him more. I love in Hebrews 12:11 when it talks about how obviously no chastening/trials are joyous while we are presently in them. but afterwards it brings forth peace and righteousness. I have witnessed God's hand in life so many times this week and seem so many little miracles. but something that I have come to learn this week is that lack of His divine intervention brings for miracles as well. Steve was on this path where he felt like he needed to "man up" and just stop smoking. But he didn't think He needed God's help or support. and maybe he could have stopped his word of wisdom issues on his own. but it wouldn't have been on that sure rock foundation of Christ. and when times and temptations got hard. and he would have relapsed in the future and it may have been in during worse circumstances that it is right now. But it happened now, and Heavenly Father allowed him to feel that terrible Godly sorrow in order for him to be able to humble himself and turn his problems over to God. what I am trying to say is that sometimes God helps us by not helping us.
BUT other times He helps us by getting involved and gives us wonderful and undeserving miracles haha. which happened a lot this week.
while we were teaching Steve at the library there was this man who walked passed us and did a double take, and then was circling us and eavesdropping on us during the remainder of the lesson. then after the lesson was over he came up to us and asked if we were Mormons. and we said yes and he told us that he had always wanted to learn more about our church and he would love to take lessons from us if we ever had time. He was originally interested in the church because of our "health code" aka the word of wisdom. and that he felt like society needs more rules and structure. so we are PUMPED to teach him about the commandments. it was a MIRACLE that sister ensign and I kept our cool haha so we got his information and we had a lesson with him over the phone on Sunday. He doesn't have much of a religious background but says that he has always wanted a relationship with God. So we have been teaching him really simply and only got through the first half of the lesson because he has AMAZING questions. he is SO prepared. he told us that he has always wanted to be baptized. he is awesome.
another thing that happened was exchanges and I went with the lovely Sister Davis again and it was awesome and I learned a lot, as always. we went to one of the college campuses which I've always wanted to do and we just talked to everyone we had to sneak around though because we weren't sure if we were allowed to be there or not and we didn't want to ask in case they told us no. it ended up being really successful and we got some people's contact information so that is exciting. I don't know anyone remembers but two exchanges ago but when I brought Sister Halliday into the area our heater had broken and we kind of froze at night. WELL GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. I brought Sister Davis into our area in the middle of a stinkin heat wave (95 degrees + 90% humidity is a no go.) and our entire building's AC had broke down. there was no relief from the heat besides our car. it was crazy and sweaty and hilarious. AND because of that and because our apartment was 102 degrees during the night we got permission to sleep over at the Sister Training Leaders house as well as the Schaumburg 2nd sister's apartment. so we have been having some parties this week with our fellow sister missionaries.
well this email is already too long so I apologize. I will leave you all now, I hope you have a good one and stay cool! and PLEASE look for God's hand in your life, there may be miracles happening that you have been missing 

Sister Madsen

We put our engineering minds to work and assembled this to try and get what little cool air we could from the AC that was on top of the wall to be magnified by the fan.
It didn't work but we felt accomplished 

We slept at the Sister Training Leaders house for one of the days that we were exiled from our sweaty apartment and things happened and faces were turned green. 
And the Schaumburg Second sisters!! Whom I love. Sister Nogueria (the one taking the picture) and I have wanted to be companions since we met and have been in the same district but not companions.. YET. but we got to have a lil tester this week when we stayed with them for a couple days and honestly WE HAVE TO BECOME COMPANIONS. We are the same person. I love her. I love all my sisters, but Sister Nogueria has become my "companion crush" haha 

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