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Glad tidings of great joy Aug 22,2016

This is so long and I don't care 

I already know that the words that I am about to type will in no way do justice to the fantastic week that I have had. But I will tell you about it anyways, as adequately as I am able. Also buckle down and get ready for some pictures because a LOT has happened this week. Because #1 we are in a trio, so let's be real something cool is always happening. And another thing is because the kids got baptized this week and really what is better than that. NOTHING

The entire week has been a party and a half but I just want to skip forward to these last couple of days because they have been particularly A+ 
On Friday we had dinner with Judy and the kids, where I ate probably the best meatloaf I have ever had in my entire life. we had already been over at their house every day this past week bc it is basically missionary LAW that you have contact with the person everyday the week before their baptism. So we got to see them everyday which was great because I am in love with all of them. They all have my heart. The kids were crazy but we sort of managed to have a little testimony meeting together and they talked about why they wanted to be baptized and how they know that God loves them. Roschea wrote hers down and said she wanted to share it tomorrow after they all got baptized. 
The next day was Saturday. πŸŒŠBaptism day🌊 but first we were able to go that morning to the Freeport bowling alley and volunteer for the special olympics which was crazy and awesome and I had so much fun, and then we went to prep for the baptism. It was at 3 but we went an hour early to get everything ready and all that jazz. We were supposed to meet our district leaders there. They were the ones who interviewed the kids and the ones that the kids asked to baptize them. And then Judy and the kids were to come at 2:30 so that we could get them all ready and dressed and take some pictures and yadda yadda. 
Remember last week how I said that no one here has any concept of time
2:50 rolls around and the elders and the kids show up at the same time and it is madness and everyone is running around trying to get dressed and everything while the Ward members are waiting for things to get started. But I guess you can't be late to your own baptism so it's fine. 
The service was great. I cried. Hard core. When they were getting baptized. When Roschea bore her testimony and started crying. When I got up and taught them about the Holy Ghost. When Malachi received the Holy Ghost. When La'shay gave all of us thank you cards and stickers that she had made for us from thank you cards and stickers she stole out of my purse. It was a good day. 
Afterward the Elders were talking to the kids and Malachi was talking about how confused he was about why everyone wasn't baptized and at church. He asked the Elders "how come the people don't believe in God when God is the one who made them. Why don't they believe in God when they know? How else did they get here??" He asks us this every time we see him and we honestly can't give him a good answer. Because we don't know either haha. It's like WHY. WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE. And we don't know. And the Elders didn't know, we are all baffled. And it has been so funny to teach all of them because Malachi is like the biggest punk but he is also the nicest. And he is really smart. He was talking about how now he has the Holy Ghost. And it keeps him on track. And back to God. And we all have the Holy Ghost. But there are people who aren't on the right track. But we have the Holy Ghost so now we need to go get the people who aren't on track and bring them on track. And we were all like WHAT. Don't get me wrong, teaching them has been great, but sometimes you wonder if anything even sticks and if the kids even know or understand what is going on. But then things like that happen and you know it is going to be all good. AND Malachi is going to be a bomb missionary someday. He invited everyone on his street to the baptism. I love that kid.
Anyways, this week is transfer week, and everything seems to always happen on transfer week. We went to the baptism, and then we went to a birthday party for a 7 year old in our Ward because he invited us. Then we went to dinner at Ambers home (I know I haven't talked about her yet but I will later this email is too long) and we got permission for her to teach us self defense. AND THEN TRANSFER CALLS
I am staying, hallelujah. And so is sister Peterson, and I will be her greenie breaker. What Heavenly Father was thinking when I got put as senior companion I have no idea.. But this transfer is going to be an eventful one I can already tell. And sister Turner is getting transferred to Elgin to be a sister training leader. And she will do great. And I love her and she has changed my mission. And Freeport. She gave a farewell testimony during sacrament. And she hadn't been able to tell the kids yet because we found out at like 10:30 the night before and the kids also showed up LATE to sacrament. So they got confirmed after we had already passed the sacrament. Which was tender and we were crying. And then immediately afterward Sister Turner had to go up and give her testimony. Rude. Anyways so many Ward members were crying. And the kids came up to us afterward and were bawling. Even Malachi. Sacrament was special that day. And the spirit was different. Sister Turner has been such a great example to me of the kind of missionary that I want to be in so many ways. Her testimony has power and she is an influence to all that she meets. Gahhhh I love her. I can't talk more about it or I'll cry.
Before I go I want to let you know something I learned this week. Love doesn't have to come over time. It can be as instantaneous as Sister Peterson hugging me and telling me she is so excited and has been praying about me the very first time I met her. I thought for a second that I might be getting transferred on Saturday and I almost started crying. I have only been here about two weeks and I already love everyone here so much and I didn't want to leave them. I am excited for what this next transfer brings. 
I love you all 
We went to this place called Union Dairy. Where they have over 51 flavors of ice cream and free Gideon bibles. 
I got apple Pie flavor and a free bible 
I can't believe Freeport is real.

This is a place called debate square. Where one of the actual Lincoln Douglas debates was. No big deal

Awkward picture of us after volunteering at the special Olympics 

We tried taking some corn pictures BC ILLINOIS 🌽🌽🌽🌽

Here is a picture of my pride and joy:
We have Keynora, Malachi, La'Shay, and Roschea

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