Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A long train of thought from the Galesburg train yard February 20, 2017

Lovest Thou Me? February 13, 2017

This week is great, sister Dimond is great. She is on 🔥fire🔥if I hadn't been told that this was her last six weeks of the mission I never would have been able to guess. She had a cool idea that we should make a goal to pass out two Book of Mormons a day and when she said that I was like uhhhh but then we have been able to do it every day so far so that's really cool! She is a great missionary. One of the people we were able to give one to was named Joe and he had literally gotten out of jail that very morning which was insane. But really cool. We were definitely put into his path, he has the chance to turn his life around and he said he thinks this book might help him do that! Which was cool. We are going to see him next week.
I will keep this email short so I can hopefully have time to email everyone I have missed these past couple weeks because I've been slacking!! But I have just felt the spirit work through me so much this week. It's been kind of freaky, but really cool at the same time. I know this is Heavenly Fathers work! And that he uses us when he knows we are ready and act on the things we are told to do. I feel like this has been the theme of my entire mission, way back to being trained with sister smith, but the theme is JUST DO IT. I know.. someone should come up with a company that says that or something... but sometimes there are things that are hard or weird or confusing. But we just need to do them. In Jesus the Christ it talks a little about the Good Samaritan and how those who passed by had plenty of excuses and reasons not to help the man who had been robbed. And excuses are easy to find. But the Good Samaritan had no excuse because he didn't look for one. He didn't want one. Same with me. And you. And everyone. There are plenty of reasons not to choose the right if we look for them. But we don't have to look for them. Choose the right because you want to. And if you don't want to, change yourself so that you want to. And that type of change comes through becoming like Jesus Christ and having the desire to follow him and keep his commandments because we love him. When we want to follow Jesus we won't look for reasons not to.
Ok bye
Sister Madsen

Us with some of The Congo fam 

Sister Dimonds favorite hobby is taking selfies 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The time is far spent February 6, 2017

Hello I have the smallest amount of time in the world to email because
sister Wallace and and I have been running around town because this is
her last day!!! She is getting transferred back up to Chicagoland in
Elgin! And I am staying down here and Sister Diamond is coming here
for her last transfer!! This week was 20/10 so I am sad I have no time
to email about it. But I'll give you a couple highlights
*the most spiritual lesson about the restoration I have ever taught.
We taught to a couple who are coming back to church and want to be
sealed in the temple SO BAD. And so we taught the restoration and then
the sister asked us to share our testimonies of Joseph Smith because
she knows testimonies get strong when you hear others. So we did that
and it was just wow. Joseph Smith is the prophet who restored the
church back on the earth
*I realized why I am on a mission
*a family fed us during the super bowl and it was make your own pizza
and it was glorious and I was stuffed. And then they made ice cream
cake. And then I was more stuffed and felt like going home and laying
down forever. Then we went to an appointment with Nana who is apart of
the Congo family who are already members. And they were eating dinner.
And they offered us dinner. And you DO NOT say no to Congo people. So
we had to eat even more  fed us this crazy stuff called Fufu and it is
this corn dough that you eat with beans or with this juice that has
seeds and some sort of fish and bug in it. And the corn dough like
expands in your stomach and I literally cried afterward I was so
*we made dream catchers
*dodged getting caught in the middle of a long running feud between
two families in the Ward
* we tried to have a lesson with Angel but she spent the whole time
talking about all of her dead pets. Most of which were MURDERED. She
had some kittens that literally had a hit on them
There is more but I can't remember I'm sorry but also no regrets I
love you all, have a good week
Sister Madsen

I am finally reunited with my true love

Here is a picture of the Peoria zones featuring the top of my head.
Us and the hermanas
Sister Wallace and some of the Murhulas!!