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days of our lives December 20, 2016

Lets just go for it and I'll tell you what happened this week

Tuesday: we ate at Asia cafe for MCM. Taught the Word of Wisdom to
Megan and Steve. Megan told us she would do it and Steve said he
definitely would not. and the lit a cigarette in the middle of the
lesson to prove his point. Then we diligently tracted in the freezing
cold. We had determined to find time each day to tract because last
week we had no time at all to and we missed it. So we were out and
about and realized we both forgot gloves and only had on like, one
pair of tights but we stayed out because we wanted to be diligent.
nothing happened. but we were diligent. and God rewarded us by letting
us tract into a couple of gang houses which was super cool and crazy
and he blessed us even more because we lived to tell the tale

Wednesday: we got a text about not going outside when it is below
zero.. would have been good to know the day before but oh well. We
were diligent. Last District meeting of the transfer. We went to
district lunch afterwards at this diner and it was super good. A man
paid for our entire districts meals. It was insane and so so kind. He
then told us he was a Pentecostal and tried to bible bash with Sister
Corbett the entire time we were there. good times.

Thursday: Sister Corbett and I finally dropped everyone we have been
thinking about dropping which was 8 people. and then, exchanges!!!!!
Sister Smith my trainer and I were reunited at last. I love her

Friday: More exchange. and then a perilous 2 hour drive back to
Freeport in a huge snow storm.

Saturday: We stopped by all our oldies and wished them a Merry
Christmas. We weren't allowed to be outside for long.

Sunday: we received a text saying all missionaries were FORBIDDEN to
go outside because of the temperature. So we were only allowed to go
to church and any appointments that we had. And sister Corbett and I
had zero. The week before we had planned to do a lot of tracting this
week because we really wanted to find some solid people so most of the
week we had just planned time to tract and then that fell apart with
the text. So we stayed inside all day and made phone calls and cleaned
up areabooks as well as made treats for the members. A lot of treats..

Monday: this day was awesome. but crazy. I woke up feeling very sick
which I'm thinking was from all the treats that we made the day before
that I may have snacked on. But anyways we had our zone Christmas
party up in Rockford. I threw up on the side of the road on the way
over there. Lovely. But it was a super fun and spiritual party
complete with messages from President and Sister Griffin as well as an
insane talent show full of singing and acting and impersonations but
the best had to be an Elder in our zone who took normal songs on the
radio and rewrote the lyrics to help them apply to missionary work.
specifically using subjects such as, reactivating less active members,
getting bit by a pit bull, tracting, and being dear john'ed. amazing.
Then we received our Christmas packages and letters from everybody (i
love you all) then we headed back home to go to family home evening.
Brother Glass shared the spiritual thought and he is a convert who is
a hard core Bible lover. Which is fine. But a lot of missionaries have
been trying to get him to read the Book of Mormon. He knows it's true.
He just wont read it. WELL. He gave his spiritual thought on 2 Nephi 2
and Sister Corbett and I felt like proud parents

Tuesday: pday. Sister Corbett woke up sick as well so we aren't really
sure what happened. But there are a lot of things in Freeport that are
closed Mondays for some reason so we are trying to cram them all in
today while we feel like dying. should be fun.

This was very not spiritual and I am sorry. But know that I am having
fun and I love Freeport.
Merry Christmas!
next week pday is on Tuesday as well so I will talk to you all then
unless I am skyping you Sunday, then I will SEE you then lol

sista madsen

This is real...
And our last district meeting! Also I'm not sure if I ever talked
about this but our district is all sisters besides our district
leader. Also sister Anderson my mtc comp is in my district!! 

Like mother like daughter, sister smith and I are still unified
Also s/o saint Sister Turner gave me a sick black beanie

she hath done what she could December 12, 2016

Mark 14:8
snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow
mucho snow
and we only slightly crashed once so all is good in this hood. Sister
Corbett is a fantastico driver.
The highlight of this week was definitely the ward Christmas party.
The Duede's brought their neighbors who just moved in across the
street and they are so cute!! It is this mom and she has 6 kids which
would be so great for this ward. It was exciting to be able to talk
with them, we invited them to the Christmas service at church and
hopefully the Duede's invite them over soon and we can all sit down
and talk about the gospel.
This week for part of our additional study time Sister Corbett and I
watched part of the missionary broadcast that was given earlier this
year. Many different General Authorities spoke on different subjects
and Elder Bednar talked about our roles as missionaries and the role
of the Holy Ghost in our Heavenly Father's work, and I realized
something very comforting. Which is that I give myself way to much
credit. Most of our investigators aren't progressing anymore, and I
haven't been able to figure out why that is and what I am doing wrong
or saying or not saying that isn't making them progress. And the
message that I have gotten over and over this week is something that
is best summed up into what Judy said to me. You can lead a horse to
water but you can't force it to drink. which.. obviously.. But I have
been feeling like with enough faith or enough boldness I can get these
people to progress but I can't. bc agency. which.. I know this.. but
it didn't register in my brain. And it isn't my job to make them
progress or keep commitments or come to church, and this is what I am
getting at. As missionaries we aren't the ones that convert these
people, it's the spirit. The Holy Ghost is what motivates people to
change. I do pretty much nothing. I state the facts and I give my
testimony about the facts which brings the spirit into the lesson
which then testifies of my testimony of the facts and brings those
feelings to their hearts and then they feel them. and then we invite
them to do things with these facts. and then they choose what to do
with everything that has just happened.. and that's it. I'm not walking
around trying to find ways the holy ghost can help me. I need to
figure out how I should be helping the Holy Ghost. Because I know
nothing about anything about these people or what they go through or
where they have been. But God does. So if we don't have the spirit we
like.. can't teach. Which I feel like everyone says all the time, but
its for real people. You physically can, but like why.. Its just going
to be words that sound nice but don't mean anything if you don't have
the spirit with you. So why would you. All we can do is 1 be worthy of
the spirit and bring it everywhere with us. and then testify of the
truth and allow the spirit to testify of our testimony. Which will
bring the truth to the hearts of these people who then have to choose
to accept it and allow it into their hearts. So how do we open their
hearts? I have no idea that is for another email in another life time,
There is only so much time in a Monday people. In Jesus the Christ it
talks about this obscure parable that I have never heard of but is the
greatest of all time in Mark 4:26-29 and it talks about a Sower who
plants some seeds and goes on his way and then later they grow and he
harvests them and it doesn't really sound like much. But the way James
E Talmage describes it is awesome. The Sower is the preacher of the
word of God (for example, a missionary)  he plants the seed of the
gospel in the hearts of others, and doesn't know what will happen. He
can do many things to ensure a good growth, he can water the seed,
remove weeds, protect it. But only God is able to ensure it's growth.
We provide the best circumstance and then leave the rest to God. Which
is very liberating to me and stress relieving. That my part in this
work is oh so small and I am only asked to do what I can and leave the
rest to Someone who knows a lot better.

Sister Madsen

Freeport is a Ward full of families and relatives. Who are
distinguished by if they are apart of the older or younger generation.
These are some of our Ward missionaries who I love, the older

For FHE we decorated a members tree!

And we are helping this Freeport Ward get up to speed with the
times. One selfie at a time

Monday, December 12, 2016

exceeding whiteness December 5, 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

take me to church November 28, 2016

There is an elderly couple in the family history center with us right
now doing things for cyber Monday and the wife keeps talking about how
they don't need a kayak and she doesn't want to go on a kayak and
he keeps trying to explain to her that it is a travel website but she
just doesn't understand and I am dying #relationshipgoals

Thanksgiving? GREAT
I am just going to cut to the chase here. MEGAN CAME TO CHURCH!! it
was great! and so did baby Megan! and Steve (they got back together)
and Micheal!! (Micheal is the one who came conference an hour early
thinking it was church and then he stayed for 3 hours and the ward
potluck afterwards). He is really close with a member named Bert in
our ward and last year she invited him to thanksgiving and he came.
This year she had us over and extended the invitation to Micheal again
but he never responded (which is very much classic Micheal. we aren't
sure why he doesn't like using the phone..) BUT HE CAME he came like
three hours after we left but he came all the same. and then he came
to church as well. It was insanity. But we were able to lock down a
lesson time with him.
A couple days before church we had a lesson with Megan and Steve and
baby Megan who came over and sat between us and we soon realized why.
It turns out she has a thing for hair, specifically pulling it. My
eyes were welling up with tears that lesson. Partially because of the
spirit and partially because of hair loss.
But she came to church and it went really well! There have been a lot
of new missionaries who start out their mission here and I think it is
partially because of the members here. They are so welcoming and
loving and I remember when I first came here and how loved I felt. I
LOVE this place.
Baby Megan was pretty quiet during sacrament except when it came time
for the hymns. Then she got REALLY loud. Sister Duede said she was
singing along. It was really cute. They stayed for all three hours and
we talked with them afterwards and they said they had a good time.
Megan sat next to me during relief society and I snuck a peak at her
and she was asleep. But Sunday is a day of rest soo
have a good week and please just JAM out to some Christmas music for me.

šŸŽ„Sister MadsenšŸŽ„

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Do or die is dead November 14, 2016

Well this past week was our Do or Die week. We had a lot of investigators but none of them were progressing. We ended up dropping Tarrone and Duane. We were never able to set up appointments and they kept on telling us they would do things but then never followed through. It was sad but hopefully one day they will be ready to make and keep commitments!
We did a lot of work this week with Megan and Steve. We brought one of the members from the primary presidency to both of our lessons with them and she has just been so amazing. She has gone completely out of her way to do everything she can to make sure they all have a good experience despite baby Megan's disabilities (have I explained this? Baby Megan is Megan's daughter who she named after herself. She has some mental challenges and some of the churches Megan has taken her too have asked her not to come back soooooooooooo). Anyways she bought toys and games and books she would like, Made a good lesson for her, and set up her own primary room in case she couldn't handle being around more kids. She literally went so above and beyond. Even stopping by the members of primary during the week explaining to them what would be going on and how they should act. It was amazing she is great. They were so set on coming to church and all of the members were so excited to meet them! We found someone to even pick them up and drive them to church. 
And then.
They slept in and missed church. It was really disappointing but we are just going to have to be patient.
So it was a little bit of a frustrating week where we worked hard but no one was following through. Thankfully we got to stop by and see Sister Alberts. This woman is the happiest person I've ever met. She is so beautiful and made us smile and laugh when we were feeling a little down. We took pictures with her. She is so full of charity. We showed her the Conference talk Joy and Spiritual Survival because it is literally her. She is 95 years old and just the nicest and happiest lady I have ever met. and dresses to the 9s every time we see her. Watching her watch that conference talk made both Sister Corbett and I cry. She was just so happy and laughing and really excited. I'm not sure when the last time was that she saw General Conference because no one in her family comes around to show it to her. That made me cry. And seeing her happy made me cry. I love old people. There are a lot of them waiting for me in Heaven.
I am really learning how beautiful and important charity is. Christ loves us even when we don't keep the commitments we make with him, so we need to be patient with others too and just keep on loving them. Ultimately that's all we can do as missionaries. No matter how hard we tried we couldn't force Megan and Steve to come to church but we can always love them and charity never faileth!
P.S. Transfers came and Sister Corbett and I are BOTH staying in Freeport!!!!!!!! #HALLELUJAH
which means Thanksgiving and Christmas in the promised land. Which also means we bought matching Christmas onesies at Walmart to celebrate. pictures to come.

Sister Alberts!
In the background is a painting THAT SHE PAINTED
And also she didn't understand what a selfie was and the reaction was gold

Illinois = bugs
And Sister Corbett snuck a pic at church of our comp unity 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

play ball November 7, 2016

Everyone's hearts here in Illinois have been so soft. And I thank the Cubs for that.
It is truly an honor to be here at such a time when God has so much in store for the great and flat state of Illinois.
This week we had a lot of appointments cancel on us. Which is never fun. But after a lot of studying about the whiteness of the field, and the mention of our call to build up Zion in these last days at Zone Conference, Sister Corbett and I have prayerfully decided to call this up coming week "Do or Die" week. We currently have 10 investigators and none are progressing. Some have been investigators longer than others, but it is just time to sit down with all of them and have some #realtalk and see where they are spiritually and where they want to go We really want to build up the ward here in Freeport and have been praying to find a family to teach, as well as finding people who are ready to keep commitments. and we know that there are people in Freeport that God has been preparing who are ready to hear the gospel. The field is not brown ready to plant or yellow ready to water it is white ready to harvest and WE are ready to harvest as well haha. It has been cool to see as we have committed ourselves more seriously to this work and are doing the will of God He has put more people in our path!! There are always people who are prepared, sometimes we just have to make room for them. Which is sad for the people that we have been teaching and growing close to, but their time will come when they are ready.

This week we decided to stop by a man named George who Sister Peterson and I found awhile back while tracting. He is a total cowboy and has this great mustache. He told us he was a member of the church when he was a teen (he is now a grandfather... at least.) we talked with him around conference time and he told us he had been there live and maybe he and his wife Wanda (who is not a member) would come. Well they didn't. But we felt like we should go see him so we stopped by and talked for him for a little bit and he says to us "this is the 5th time this week that someone has told me that I need to go to church, I probably need to go." can you say PREPARED. It was awesome. He told us that he still had the card that sister Peterson and I had given him with the time and address of the church and he had asked Wanda if she would want to go and she said yes! So he said they would either come this week or next week because they were going to go to a couple of churches before deciding on one. We talked for him for awhile and it was really good. Afterwards I just felt really happy and grateful to be able to talk with George. Because he is just so normal and understands and you don't have to explain anything to him. The people of Freeport are great and I love them. But sometimes they are insane. And say crazy things like "if you stare at the sun long enough and then blink a lot and fan your eyes you can see the celestial kingdom" or how they remember being a butterfly in their past life. WHICH. is very entertaining, but sometimes you just want to talk about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And George let us do that. And so did a lady named Pam, and a man named Robert with his cute daughter Jayla. Who is probably 3 or 4 and we gave her a restoration pamphlet and she looked at the picture of Jesus and then hugged it and said "I Love This" in her cute 4 year old voice. Sister Corbett and I are PUMPED and have been and will be tracting (and other finding activities) our brains out and talking with everyone. and although the more people we talk to means the more crazy people we will talk to it also means the more prepared people we will talk to  

I was going to end the email right there but I remembered a cool thing. This entire transfer Sister Corbett and I have been looking for a service project to do in the community and haven't been able to find anything. But last week we stopped at the Salvation Army and asked about volunteer opportunities and the lady there told us to come back at 8 in the morning, but we had a couple appointments and things going on so we weren't able to do it until Friday. so we went in on Friday and there was a lady standing in the office and we asked her about serving and she got really excited and hugged us and thanked God for answering her prayers! It turns out that two of her cooks for the soup kitchen had called in and weren't coming so she was going to be two people short. and then tada we show up. it was really cool. God answered her prayers but guiding us to come when we did. and he answered our prayers by helping us to finally be able to find a place where we can serve 
A side note for that, there is a cool app that you can download called JustServe that shows a lot of service opportunities in local areas. It is church based I believe so there should be a TON of people and companies using it in Utah, so if you ever want to volunteer or stop wasting time lounging around this app is a great way to help other people!!

See ya l8tr

šŸ»Sister MadsenšŸ»

Rockford South Zone! 

We went to see a potential and he had taped the card we gave him the last time we saw him to his door. 

And Sister Corbett took this picture after our 3 hour planning session and..yeah..

In honor of the Comeback Cubs we went to one of Freeport's many treasures...Little Cubs Field

Harry Caray himself 

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Awktober is over October 31, 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

They are gonna win it this year October 24, 2016