Thursday, August 25, 2016

My foot tan line is coming in nicely Aug 1, 2016

Blehhhhhhhh what has happened
We taught Kay, it was great. But since he has had no religious background he asks tons of questions. Which is good, but our lessons end up being waaaaaayyy to long. We were planning on inviting him to be baptized but we like HAD to go because we were going to be late for another appointment. But because we had been planning on inviting him to be baptized we brought it up all through out the lesson and kept touching on it to help him understand and then that was the very last thing we were going to teach him about and then we were going to invite him to be baptized but we didn't even get halfway through the lesson we had planned so we were going to wait until the next lesson when he better understood the concept and importance. AND THEN as we were walking to our cars he asked if we could teach him more about baptism for our next lesson and we were like UHHH YES. So we got him to change his lesson to this Wednesday instead of next week. So we will put him on date this week wooo yeah. 
We haven't been able to get ahold of Jason and his friends for the most part. They still try to invite us to things to hang out with them. But whenever we ask them about how their scripture reading is going we get no response.. So we decided to add them on Facebook. As of now I don't have Facebook but that will probably change soon, but we did it on Sister Ensign's. We added Jason and Heather but not the two other friends because they were kind of out of it the whole lesson.. Anyways the next day we get on Facebook and one of the other friends Dylan added us because he felt left out!! It was pretty funny. We probably realistically won't teach them again any time soon, but we will keep trying!
Yesterday while walking around at a park this familia started yelling things at us and sister ensign and I had no idea what was going on but then they waved us over so we went up to them and found out that they are Mormon!! They are from downtown but came out to have a family picnic! They were so nice and had us try all their food (I think one of the things was called seviche? I dunno. But it was very good!!) so that was a little miracle from Heavenly Father. That was much needed too, because some days the work is long and hard and you need a pick me up and I know that God will provide. That's all he ever does. There is that scripture that talks about how His work and his Glory is to bring to pass the immortality and Eternal Life of man. And it's real, everything is for our benefit and I can't really imagine Him doing anything that was for Himself. What would that even be? He is happiest when we are happy, so in reality the best thing that He can do to make Himself happy is to make His children happy. What a life, what a way to live. Serving others is the key to happiness mi amigos. Tell the news reporters and the scientists and psychologists. I've figured it out. 
Jokes. I understand the concept. But I am human and flawed and selfish and haven't figured out how to put that principle into practice yet. But I'll let you know when I do
We have another mini missionary coming with us this week! Very exciting I don't know why they don't do this in Utah. Or maybe they do and I don't know about it. Either way someone needs to get there stuff together. Probably me.
I love you all and hope you have a kewl week

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