Tuesday, August 1, 2017

El Libro De Mormón July 24, 2017

I have a lot of pictures this week so hopefully this makes up for lack
of words! Transfers are this week and Sister Muhlestein is leaving me
for Naperville. Rude. BUT my new companion will be Sister Jardine and
she is a lot of fun!! When we went on exchanges together in Peoria it
was a party so I am excited to spend this transfer with her!! Also
this means that I will have been companions with the two sisters in
this mission who went to my high school, so I guess high school really
never ends hahaha.
CAROL is doing great. The best. She's on date to be baptized on August
26 (happy bday to u mom) and we also met this guy Ron who lives on a
street we aren't really supposed to go on but we felt like we needed
to and it was like 3 in the afternoon so we decided it was ok and that
if it felt bad we would leave. But there was this lady who lived there
who had been taught everything and was planning to be baptized but she
lost contact with missionaries and so we really wanted to find her.
But when we pulled up and there was this guy just sitting on his steps
and so we decided to talk to him and he just immediately started
talking to us about how he wants to get closer to God and all this
stuff and we teach him about the Book of Mormon and set up a time to
go back. And then we went and saw the lady and she was SUPER not
interested. So we left and then when we came back the next day for our
lesson with Ron HE WAS THERE!! And so we taught him and it was awesome
and he had a lot of great questions. We were sitting on chairs outside
and Sister Muhlestein was teaching and I'll be honest I was doing the
math in my head for how soon this man could get baptized because he is
PREPARED and then it started POURING RAIN and he asked to reschedule.
So we did. But he has been reading the Book of Mormon and really likes
it. He said it helps him to know what path Heavenly Father wants for
him and what he needs to do to be ready to meet God.
That was awesome.
The Book of Mormon is awesome and I know that Ron's testimony of it is
true! It can guide us in the right way and helps us to know the Role
that Jesus Christ plays in each of our lives. I love that book it is
the best missionary ever. Hermana Ward and I went on exchanges this
week and it was so fun! And I very much don't know Spanish.. but that
is ok we still were able to work really hard and find two new
investigators! One is named Polo and he was really cool. We knocked on
his door and he immediately let us know he was Catholic and he was
good to go and didn't need help from us. So Hermana Ward asked him if
we could share a scripture with him before we left and he said yes and
she had him read it in Spanish. I have no idea what he read but he
kept pausing after he read a line and would think about it and then
keeps reading. He just kept pausing. And then he read the next verse
as well. He looked up and told us in essence that it sounded beautiful
and he asked us what it was and if he could have the Book. The Book of
Mormon changed that mans heart SO FAST it was crazy. The spirit was so
strong and we were able to teach him about the restoration and how we
got the Book of Mormon and I literally had no idea what was going on
but I felt the spirit so much! I bore my testimony at the end and the
Hermana translated it and it was awesome and he asked if he could come
to church and he is just the coolest and the Book of Mormon changes
hearts and it CHANGES LIVES
Have a good one
sister Madsen

The Rockford Stake sisters and Sister Griffin!
The storms knocked down trees and made us stranded in our car

Sister Reynolds and I
Sister Reynolds and I are super united
We went to Giordanos deep dish pizza

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