Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fam June 26, 2017

Low point of the week: we saw a squirrel get hit by a car 
High point of the week: everything else

SO Sister Muhlestein is the best and I love her. She just makes me want to be a better missionary and she is so cool. I am grateful to be her companion. 
We didn't find 11 investigators this week but we did find NINE which is awesome and probably more than I found my first six months on the mission hahaha it was a MIRACLE, in fact, one of them was even named miracle 
We were super focused this week and just were trying really hard and we came so close! I am understanding more and more what it means to set goals that motivate and push you. We definitely wouldn't have found nine if we hadn't of had a high goal. We have decided to do something cool like that every week. So this next week we are going to invite 30 people to be baptized 
Speaking of Baptism.. we were able to get our investigator Jim on date!! We had prayed and felt like July 22 would be a good day for him. Well when we brought up baptism in the lesson he agreed that he needed to be baptized but seemed a little hesitant still so we decided to let him pick the day. And He said the end of JULY!!!! So we put him on date for July 22 it was awesome!
A couple of other crazy things happened this week. We went on exchanges with the Belvidere sisters and it was fun! Sister Reynolds and I walked EVERYWHERE. It was a lot and we were late to our appointment because everyone couldn't decide if we should pass people by and not talk to them so we could make it to our appointment on time or if we should talk to them. We had been walking ALL DAY and saw no one. But when we were in a rush was when the people came out 😑 but it was OK and the senior sisters came and picked us up and came to our appointment with us. 
We also were able to see our investigator Carol at church as well. She is 1000% a hippy. I love her. Every time we show her a picture of Christ or share a scripture she says she gets chills it's awesome. She is a very spiritual lady. SO I was stressing out of my mind when she came to church because sacrament meeting was so noisy I was worried it was distracting her and that she wasn't able to feel the spirit. We asked her what she thought after sacrament and she said she really liked how the speakers talked about their kids and that everyone sat with their families and that the husbands had their arms around their wife. It was an unexpected but really cool answer. This church is a church of family. Whether you have a family of your own or the church is your family
We, are FAMily hahahaha
Have a good week! 
sister madsen

 I am emailing so late because we wanted to make mission bears at build a bear 

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