Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Peoria Pictures June 12, 2017

This update will be mostly pictures for a change because I know you have all been so DEPRIVED. We had sister's conference this week so I got to see a lot of my sistas who I love so that was awesome because I have been in the middle of no where away from them for a long time. And if you thought I was done talking about sister Corbett you were wrong!!!!!!!! I love her. A tender reunion was had and tears were shed and shame was nowhere to be found. She is the best, I love her. Ok. I can't think of anything else to say about her besides I love her. I am going to change the subject before I start crying in this laundromat. SHES JUST THE BEST PEOPLE. I love her and can't wait to see her again 
I also got to see Amber! From Freeport! She taught all of us self defense at sisters conference and it was great. I love her a lot. I JUST SAW SO MANY OF MY FRIENDS IT WAS THE BEST. We took a Freeport sister's reunion picture.
It was good to catch up with other sisters who I haven't seen in a long time, including sister Anderson and hermana Sorensen who came out with me from the mtc. We are ancient now. But wise. Maybe.. haha
Randy's baptism issue is pending but it is looking up so maybe he will be baptized soon! Which is good news because I am being transferred! I will be going up to Rockford!! I have loved Peoria so mucho and I loved the Rockford Stake while I was there so I am excited to go back. But sad to leave of course. But it is in good hands with Sister Fugal. And I will probably see her soon when we come back for Randy's baptism!!  
The mission is good people. Life is good. And it's what you make it. Or better yet it's what you let Christ make it.
Have a blessed day!
sister madsen 

The district 
Our Awesome Australian Ward mission leader and his family
Illinois! We went to the Caterpillar museum. 

OK this is the last one but also the most important.
Look at how SHOE-NITED sister Corbett and I still are 

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