Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rockinford June 19, 2017

This week was crazy!!! Sister Fugal and I drove up to Peoria and I met
my new companion Sister Muhlestein and we headed out to work for the
day. Sister Muhlestein is really cool and we get along really well.
She is like an improved version of me hahaha. It's inspirational. But
we have a lot of fun! She is from Taylorsville Utah and plays soccer
too, she has been out for about a year and is just a young wise lady.
And I had seen her before a couple times while we were both serving in
the same Stake and we both felt like some day we would be companions
AND THEN IT HAPPENED. Cool story. Anyways we have had a lot of fun
together so far. Our first day we were heading back to Rockford and we
got a call from our zone leaders saying that an area called Belvidere
was getting whitewashed and that now there would be Sisters serving in
that Ward instead of Elders. But GUESS WHO LEFT THE APARTMENT NASTY
WHEN THEY LEFT 😑 SO they kindly cleaned up a lot of it while we took
the sisters out to lunch and then we went over with them to check it
out and help them clean anything that they needed. And it still looked
pretty crazy so we ended up helping them for awhile but it was a lot
of fun! Then we went to get their luggage out of the car and it
started POURING RAIN. We were soaked after a minute. Good times
Rockford is a little different than Peoria and we aren't teaching as
much but that is OK because we have a lot of time to talk to a lot of
people on the streets and things like that which I haven't gotten to
do in forever so that's been fun. And we found two new investigators!!
One of them is this Buddhist lady who isn't actually very Buddhist..
in that she believes in Christ. She just lives more of the Buddhist
lifestyle it seems like. But we talked with her about Jesus Christ and
showed her a couple of pictures of him as well as a video and she kept
saying "look, I've got chills!!" It was so cool.
The spirit has definitely been with me a lot this week and teaching me
and just hanging out kind of. I think I am just paying attention to it
more but it's been really cool!
Nothing else really stands out. But I'm excited for this upcoming
transfer!! Sister Muhlestein and I are going to kill it hahaha. We
have a goal to find 11 new investigators this week so that we can meet
the monthly goal that was set of 15. And right now we only have 4. So
we gotta find 11 more!! It's gonna be crazy but I'm excited to tell
you about it next week. Sister Muhlestein is the best. THE BEST. she
is just a really hard worker and I'm confident that we can find all
those homies with Heavenly Fathers help and guidance.
Sister Madsen
ALSO it was Stake conference so I got to see some people from Freeport
and I about died it was the best
Sorry these emails don't really have my personality in them anymore.
I'm tired always haha

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