Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Weak week May 29th 2017

Madness! Always madness. 
This week I have been really tired and I honestly can't remember a lot of it. So I am sorry.
Randy's baptism will more than likely be postponed! We went over the interview questions with him and he had some concerns with tithing. So we decided we would reteach it to him. During our next lesson at the bishops house we talked about tithing as well as commitment. That the promises we make at baptism, along with all of our other covenants, is not something that is done halfway or occasionally. Either you are in or you are out. Can't really just dip your toe in the water. You gotta go all the way under. And Randy has the desire to be in!! But he lives with his sister and they pay the bills together. He told us he had tried talking to her about it before but she said he probably couldn't pay it so he was scared to talk to her about it again. But we all built up his courage and gave him pep talks to be ready to talk to his sister. And then we saw him on Saturday at the Elders baptism which I will talk more about. But he came and he was pretty frazzled and upset and told us that he can't get baptized. He was really upset. He to,d us he talked to his sister and she said well if tithing is something you need to do when you get baptized then you can't get baptized right now. He asked us if he could still come to church and still take the sacrament. It was tender and a little bittersweet because he told us that right before Deann's baptism began. I think it made him a little sad. Anyways afterward the bishop came and talked to all of us and told Randy the story of Nephi getting the brass plates and how it took a couple tries. He then told Randy "all you need to do now is find another job where you earn a little more money!" We Hope Randy will remain positive and hopeful. But as for now he is off date.
Ok next part of this email. We were supposed to go on exchanges this week but something came up and it had to be cancelled. Well we were both supposed to go to the Morton sister's area and so we had in literally NOTHING. It was a little crazy. But we were able to see a lot of the people we normally weren't able to see and we put Kathy's son Patrick on date!! MIRACLE. We wouldn't have been able to do that if we had been on exchanges so that was pretty cool to have that opportunity. And then we went back the next day for another lesson and he told us he broke all of his cigarettes and threw them out! What??? I honestly didn't believe him but he definitely did!! 
Something I have see this week is the importance of asking people questions. Especially questions by the spirit. It changes the whole lesson and makes it feel more like we are teaching a person. Not a lesson. ;) anyways.. it has changed the outcome of our lessons every time. And we learn so much more about the people we are teaching and their understanding of what we are teaching as well. Everyone is just better off when questions are asked and the conversation is taken to the next level. I know the same can be said for our studies. If we ask ourselves questions that help us learn and apply what we are reading to our lives we will feel more uplifted and less like everything is routine or going through the motions
Still haven't talked to Matt since we put him on date.
The elders had a baptism this weekend for a woman named DeAnn who is literally as golden as they COME. She showed up to general conference and then the next week came to church and asked the elders what she had to do to be baptized??? Like. Ok. And she sings in the choir and made her own baptism program and she is literally just the best. I love her and am so happy she was able to be baptized! And the Ward loves her and she is just awesome. No words. She wanted to be baptized forever ago but couldn't because of some family issues. Those issues have changed and the first thing she did was come to church!! Priorities. It was so tender. Her brother is a member and he lives in New York and he FLEW HERE so that he could baptize her. It was 10/10
Ok bye
Sister Madsen 

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