Wednesday, May 10, 2017

And then there were two May 1, 2017

Well transfers have come and Sister Morales is leaving Sister Fugal
and I to fend or ourselves here in Peoria. Some exciting things have
been happening in the Ward that I think are really going to help us work
better with the members here.
A lot has happened this week with us, but not so much with our
investigators, progression wise. So we might have to give them a break
for awhile
A potential new investigator of ours named Steve Bible Bashed me over
the phone the other day and it was bad.  He said a lot of
not nice or appropriate things as well as all the other things we hear
all the time. But something must have been going on that day because I
was SO MAD hahaha. It's hard not to fight back when people are calling
you a brainwashed idiot who hasn't read a real bible. Ok.. I'm getting
annoyed just typing this. That part wasn't really a big deal.. but
just a lot of other stuff he said on top of that. It was just dumb.
Sometimes when we talk to people it's as if we are to blame for all of
the worlds problems and even problems within religion and things like
that.  But that happened and I just told him to call us when his heart
was ready to listen and he  said fine and hung up.
Other things that happened were that it was Sister Morales Birthday!!!
We made her some cookies. And she got two cakes from members and she
is LEAVING THEM HERE because of transfers. Sister Fugal and I are
going to need to start mixing up our morning workout routine haha.
ANOTHER THING THAT HAPPENED. I almost forgot. The elders had a baptism
this week and a lot of other missionaries came down for it. Including
the Freeport Elders. And Brother Mulnix the Ward mission leader drove
them!!! So I got to see him and it made my day. Someone said a joke
during the baptism and I heard this cackle that I KNEW was familiar
and I looked around and he was there!! It was so fun to see him again.
He cracks me up.
Randy is doing good. Praying on his own. No one knows what
specifically triggered it but it suddenly just clicked in his head.
This is a bad and non uplifting email and I am sorry. I'm in the war
chapters in Alma and you know how that goes....
But there was something cool that I realized while reading about the
stripling warriors. In Alma 56:46 it talks about this big war that is
going on and how the stripling warriors had never fought before in
their lives. But they weren't afraid. For TWO reasons. #1 they knew
and had faith that God would deliver them. #2 they were more worried
about their fathers liberty than their own lives.
Basically what I am trying to say is that faith and charity overcome fear.
Very cool
Sister Madsen

The wifi struggle..
my mission plant is dying in case anyone wanted to know

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