Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beautifully busy May 8, 2017

Currently writing this update in a laundromat where this man is talking on his Bluetooth to somebody and he is losing his MIND screaming. It's probably the craziest laundromat I have ever been to. The change machine is weird and sporadically accepts money and last week when I went to pay there were a couple people who started laughing and said it wouldn't work and we tried anyways and used all of our money and the only one it accepted was my 20 dollar bill. But when the people heard the change flowing they started losing their minds and people were coming up and giving me money to give them money and it was hilarious and everyone was laughing. Life is wild
Sister Fugal and I were able to do a lot of things and it was awesome! We found two new investigators and got a couple of our old ones who were progressing to come to church!! For one of them named Kathy sister Fugal had a cool idea to draw out her path of conversion and kind of where we see all of this going. Because our past couple of lessons have been less than fruitful. So it was kind of do or die time where we literally drew it out and said this is what we are shooting for, is this what you want?  And she was like.. yes!!! It was a cool lesson that I have never seen so much immediate change come because of it. She called us the next day and said she read and that she wanted to come to church then we went to her house for another lesson on Saturday and she had cleaned her house!! Which is a big! Deal! She said she has just felt so much better since that lesson and she just feels like everything is so clear and she knows what she wants to do and understands how to do it. She knows it's time to change and it's really cool. It was probably the hardest thing in the world to get her church on Sunday, she had a lot of excuses in the morning, to the point where we showed up to her house in the morning with a bunch of our clothes so she had something to wear. She came to church. It was cool, I was getting mad and kind of over it when we showed up and church started in 15 minutes and she was in the shower but sister Fugal stuck it out and because we waited for her she came to church. It was awesome! She is a little older and for some reason the Peoria chapel is weird and it's hard for me, a youth, to hear. So afterwards Kathy said she was really mad that she couldn't hear because she really wanted to and said she was so mad that she didn't want to stay. A member drove her. We told her that the member was staying for all three hours and she said she would walk. We tried to get her to come to class but she wouldn't and so we said she could sit out in the hall on the couch until church was over but she wouldn't do that either. She literally walked home. Like!! Ok. But she texted us later and said she was sorry for being dramatic. So it's all good.
Another person we were finally able to see was Matt. Who was being taught in November when the Elders were in the area and he was super solid then the area got whitewashed and he sort of disappeared off the face of the earth. But he would randomly come to church. But we could not for the life of us make appts with him that stuck. In the spirit of giving people a vision for himself we decided that since we couldn't get an appt with him we would just have some real talk with him during sacrament and asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes!!! We talked with him for a long time and he just testified of us about how he and his life has changed since he met the missionaries. Just in every aspect. It is so cool SO COOL. He is so solid.
Exciting things are happening down here in Peoria! Sister Fugal and I are staying busy and on Thursday we didn't even have time to eat lunch and on Friday we may have been spotted eating Chick-fil-A on the curbside a block from our next appointment (we can't eat in the car ;) but it's been fun! I've missed being able to spend time finding people but luckily we were able to squeeze time in to do it this week! 
Excited for this next transfer. 
ALSO having a vision and goals for yourself can change your life. A member shared a cool story that I don't have time to type but this missionary would just pray and ask "what do you want me to do now" and miracles HAPPEN.
love you 
Proverbs 29:18
🌪Sister Madsen🌪

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