Wednesday, March 8, 2017

TornadNO March 7, 2017

This week there were tornado warnings every which way but nothing happened. We were at a Members house and teaching them and then all of the sudden they rushed us out of the house and said "YOU NEED TO LEAVE BECAUSE A TORNADO IS COMING" which I feel like was the opposite of what you are supposed to do if a tornado is coming and someone is at your house. Sister Dimond was dying but we were fine. They passed between Galesburg and a recent convert told us later that week that Galesburg is protected and she knew nothing was going to happen when the tornado came because their is a little boy buried at the bottom of a church downtown who was SACRIFICED for something and so he protects us???? We are looking into it. 
This week people started coming to English class which is awesome and fun and also sometimes I need like an hour after class before I start talking normal instead of broken English again. But it's my favorite. We put up flyers at the laundromat and that seems to have mad a difference.
Sister Dimond told me there were angels in our room the other night.. Which I guess is better than the alternative.
Our Bishop lost his mind at PEC yesterday and it was awesome. He is great and really wants to help and change things to make them better so that the Ward will be stronger and it's just cool to see. He has been coming against some resistance lately but but keeps going for it and pushing people to do more. It's awesome. I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE CARE ABOUT THINGS. The day I'm not able to go to PEC or Ward Council will be a sad day. 
Zone training was good! I was called to repentance a lot. It was awesome.
Missionary work has been going good. I have trying to be more focused lately and because of it I have been feeling a lot better about things which is awesome. It's a weird concept but the more you commit yourself to work or to Heavenly Father or whatever it is that you are trying to do that might be hard, the more dedicated you are to it the easier it is and the better you feel.
When I was fasting the other day I was thinking about the pioneers and WOW. They are hard core. 
Say your prayers everyone! 

­čî¬Sister Madsen­čî¬

This weeks selfies:

1) #trains (we are always stuck behind trains in Galesburg) 
2) we drive with the hermanas to district meeting and they had to pick up a mirror on the way home so we couldn't see them 
3) a buffalo 
4-end) just.... an insane amount of selfies 

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