Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This one is a shawty February 27, 2017

What has happened? Nada. But that's fine. The work will go on.
Galesburg is cool. It was one of those weeks where it went by really
fast and was all a blur and then Saturday was super long and nothing
happened but we gave away like four Book of Mormons and the people
weren't interested but they took them anyways so that was cool. We
went on exchanges to Morton and the Ward and the missionaries work so
well together there that I was speechless. Sister Dimond and I
accidentally stayed up really late talking one night and then felt
like zombies the rest of the day. But as soon as we got out the door
it was fine for a little bit and then we got in the car and felt tired
again, and then we would get out and talk to someone and not feel
tired or at least we would forget we were tired. Every time we were in
the car or apartment though we were tired it was crazy. Heavenly
Father helps us accomplish his work. It's cool! I'm still tired.
Sister Dimond is cool. She had to sign up for an institute class this
week so that was weird. Also we dropped a lot of people. We went to do
service at a less active members house and she ended up just taking us
out to lunch? It was awesome. This is a bad email and nothing connects
together but let's just roll with it OK? We got ahold of Tati who is
from the Congo and used to be coming to English class but hasn't been
lately. Anyways he answered the phone and said hello? All confused and
we said hi Tati! And he said oh!!! My sisters my sisters hello! Yes!
My sisters my sisters hi my sisters. It was the cutest. Illinois is
great and I have run in to two people this week that I had previously
contacted so that was crazy. Galesburg is a lot bigger than Freeport
but sometimes it feels smaller. Does that make sense? Anyways.. keep
the commandments! Love you bye

👩🏼‍🌾Sister Madsen👩🏼‍🌾

Exchanges! I went with Sister Waters who is the nicest human alive

Oh Illinois

And of course, Sister Dimond and I :)
I love her a lot!! She is so fun

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