Thursday, March 30, 2017

Three is a gang March 27, 2017

Hello world. I am in Peoria now and it's cool. Downtown by the river reminds me a little of salt lake which is weird. Because no mountains. But it's the Elders area so we only go there about once a week to do service. I haven't shared a Ward with elders for awhile but I don't think I like it because if there is a place that is even remotely crazy they give it to the elders. But we were talking to this 80 year old lady in her door way and she told us she had to leave because she "Finna go to bed" and that made me smile.
Being in a trio is interesting and good. You always have a buddy. Also we were in this gated community the other day and the houses were huge and I felt like I was in alpine and it was bizarre because the places I've been for the past 7 1/2 months you could probably fit 5 of those houses into one of these ones here. But it is a pretty mixed up area. We've got some city folk and a college and also a lot of doctors and engineers and people who work at Caterpillar
We are teaching a lot of pretty solid people as well so that is exciting! 
Also sometimes trio is hard because you run out of food fast and also you are always late for everything. Always. But we will get the swing of things..
There are a lot of stores here that I forgot existed and it is a problem. 
The Ward.. is HUGE. I doubt I will be able to learn everyone's names. I was thinking about it and I started in the city in Wheaton and the Ward there was pretty big. Then I went to the YSA where probably 10-15 people came. And then Freeport where it was a little more than that and then Galesburg was a little bit bigger than that and then here it is huge. It was like a slow build up back to a big Ward now. We use the overflow and everything.
Women's conference was great Linda K Burton is awesome. It inspired me to start making a list of things I am certain of. Which was really cool because I actually know a lot more than I realized so I'm starting a sort of testimony journal that I can always look back to when my faith or the faith of someone I know may be tested. I know that the spirit is a gift from God. Aka the gift of the Holy Ghost lol. And that gift gives us confirmations of things that are true. And we are blessed with the things that we can confidently say that we KNOW are true. Those testimonies can only have come from Heavenly Father and he has given them to us. And I know that we will all be responsible for how we use those gifts or talents that we have been given and that our testimony falls into that category as well.  D&C 88:81 
Ok.. well I gotta go get a haircut now. Have a good life 
Sister Madsen 

Sister Dimond gave me these awesome adult socks.
And the last selfie we ever took.. 

We had to take all of sister Fugals luggage as well as mine in this tiny car for I want to say three hours.. 
good times 

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