Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ain't that wack March 20, 2017

I've been running around all day in a turtle neck and pigtails in case you wanted a visual for how these past couple of days have gone since we got transfer calls. Even though I knew that I was definitely going to get an transfer call I did NOT expect to revive the news that I received. Sister Dimond is leaving Galesburg and so am I. Ain't that wack!!! Elders are coming in. I am a little annoyed that this keeps happening to my areas so I am trying to figure why that is. But I can see why Galesburg needs Elders. But I am bummed. On Monday we got a new investigator. On Thursday he ended up dropping us. But THEN on Saturday we got two new investigators!! And they are both from the Congo. And I was so happy and so pumped because I LOVE THE CONGO PEOPLE. And then that night we got transfer calls and I found out I was leaving and I cried and cried. And then on Sunday we taught another new investigator from the Congo!! We taught three back to back to back lessons and then had to go to a dinner appointment and I could barely speak normal English. One of the new investigators is named Sarah and she is friends with the Hermanas investigator who just got baptized on Sunday. And she LOVES US. And makes us sing at our lessons. And is just the greatest and very prepared and talked about how in the Bible it says that there will be many false prophets before the second coming and we were like YES!! And we taught about the apostasy and how we can know the truth through the spirit and she looked at us and said she needed to pray about all of this and that she knows God has the answer and he will answer her. It was awesome. And then in our lesson on Sunday we told her we were leaving and she was so sad and hugged us and we all sang I am a child of God and I cried a lil and I will miss her.
This week I learned about how we can better understand the atonement the better our prayers are. We were meeting with Angel and she was going OFF about everything and how she's gotta pray for everyone and all the bad people and the good people and she prays for them because she has to and maybe they aren't even praying for themselves and it hurts her heart and she was just going off about how she can only imagine how Heavenly Father feels about us, and about His son. When he was suffering for us. And He took our loads off our backs and placed them on His. But that no one took that load from Him. It just kind of hit me that the more you pray for and care and understand people the more you are able to slightly understand Jesus Christ. And the worry and the urgency that he feels for us. Prayer rules. Say your prayers. Say long prayers. Think about what you are going to say before you pray. And after you are done just sit there and listen.
Ok bye

Oh. Transfers.. I am going to Peoria and I am going to be in a triYO with Sister Morales and Sister Fugal 😎

Sister Madsen 

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