Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mission A-Conferenced! April 4 2016

Not much happened this week, the highlight was definitely General Conference. I wish I had my notes with me right now so I could talk more about it but I know that my favorite talk was President Uchdorf's it was AMAZING. Just what I needed. I feel like every message and training I have gotten since being a missionary has been about obedience and it has really annoyed me to be honest. But the way he said it helped it make more sense to me and help me realize that I need to be more humble. A LOT MORE and submit to the will of Heavenly Father. I have been getting the same message for weeks and now it has finally made sense/stuck with me. Conference on the mission is the best. Every talk is applicable to some part of either your life or the life of your investigators. Ahhh I loved it. For those of you who are wondering YES Bunch watched conferred on his phone. His favorite talk was by Elder Andersen!! Which is awesome because Sister Smith and I and some other missionaries and people thought of him during that talk!!!! I'm so glad he watched it. He said that he felt a lot of comfort and questions answered from Conference which is amazing!! I love the Gospel, I love the peace that it can bring to people's lives. We still text Bunch all the time and give him things to read or watch. This morning he texted us and asked if he was allowed to put that he was Mormon on his ACT paperwork. And then he told us he did it anyways, And it MADE MY DAY. He's awesome. Still no progress with his parents. But he is prime. Not much else happened this week, just a lot of looking for people to teach I did have a brief but intense interaction with a cat that led to a slight overdose on benedryl which then led to us getting permission to go to bed a half hour early on account of it being physically impossible for me to keep my eyes open The next morning I woke up and had a slight cold and all we had was DayQuil, so I took some of that but I must have taken too much because I felt weirdly dizzy and jittery for about 4 hours and sister smith was freaking out because she kept overdosing me. Im fine now ALSO As everyone knows, dogs love me, but I found out this week that not only am I allergic to cats, but also chihuahuas? Hopefully the list stops here. I will keep you posted Sister Smith and I have been cleaning all day and our apartment looks great now and we decided to spruce it up with some plants. In my life time I have only been able to keep a plant alive for a couple of months, BUT THE MISSION CHANGES YOU so we will see how this goes

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