Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Bunch of Miracles: March 21st 2016

This week was madness!!! ~A disclaimer before you read this. I'm sorry that my English is terrible but this story was so crazy and I had to just hurry and type it all our before I forgot stuff and now I am too lazy to go over it and make it sound better and less like it's one long sentence but I don't even care IT WAS SO GREAT it doesn't even matter what it sounds like bc that's how great the story is.~ Looking back it was actually kind of terrible, but the weekend was so great that I completely forgot. On Friday we had a lesson with our investigator Bunch (his real name is crazy and we asked him how to pronounce it and he said don't worry just call me bunch. Like a bunch of Bananas . Bunch is a referral with a crazy backstory. Ok so my first week in the field this young women Emily bore her testimony about how how she had been praying for missionary opportunities and she finally had one bc this kid was like why are you so happy all the time?? And she told him about her church and showed him lds.org and the gospel library app and that was the end. SHE THOUGHT. fast forward one day later and we get a referral that says someone has requested missionaries come teach him. So we call him up and he's like hello I am in high school and we r like ok we need your parents permission and he didn't want to ask and so we kind of teach him and get to know him better over the phone and he says he contacted us bc there was this girl at the high school he goes to who was just really happy and has this "killer vibe" (I love the teens) and he wanted to know why and she told him bc of her church and he wanted that so he figured out how to request missionaries and he did it and we were like WHO IS THE GIRL and it was Emily and we were freaking out. Bc we couldn't teach him we gave a Bom and some pamphlets to Emily that she could give to him and we prayed that something would happen. Fast forward to last Sunday AND HE COMES TO CHURCH. All on his own without having someone ask or invite him. It was amazing and sister smith and I were doing amazing at keeping our cool. Even typing this I am freaking out. I love bunch I don't know what we did to deserve him. Anyways he stayed for all three hours and he texted us the next day and said he loved it. We called him and he said he asked his parents and they said we could teach him!! So we had a lesson on Friday with him and it was great and I invited him to be baptized AND HE SAID YES. I about died. Then we committed him to be baptized on the 9th of April and he was like sure. Every time we commit him to read the scriptures or pray or come to church he is always like "sure, I'm already doing that but I can do it more I guess." He's awesome. I seriously can not believe that this is real. The whole thing has been way too easy which makes me suspicious. I'm nervous to see how Satan tries to get him. Anyways we scheduled our next lesson for this Wednesday but when he came to church on Sunday he asked us if we could have another lesson after church and we were like YES and then he left to go talk to Emily and sister smith and I turn to each other bc we have no idea what we are going to teach him and we have no time to plan anything bc we are at church and all I know how to teach is the restoration but we already taught him that. But we figured we could give him a brief overview of the plan of salvation. I had no idea what was going on or what I was going to be teaching but like when Nephi going back into into Jerusalem for the plates , we also went in there with pretty much no plan, but we knew that Heavenly Father would deliver us. And like Nephi killed Laban we killed that lesson. Well actually sister smith did. Like I said before, I've never taught the plan of salvation. Anyways. It went great and afterwards he was like listen I have nothing going on today can we just have another lesson right now? I CANT BELIEVE THIS PERSON IS REAL I LOVE HIM. But we couldn't because our member had to go home and we can't be alone with him also I seriously would have had no idea what was going on in that lesson. But I'm glad he hasn't picked up on our unpreparedness yet. So then he asked if we could schedule the rest of the lessons that he needed before he could be baptized. Miracles are real and I don't know why we are deserving of them. We now have all of Bunch's lessons planned out and he is on date and there aren't any foreseeable obstacles. I am so happy. And hearing bunch's testimony about how he has seen a difference in his life since he started coming to church makes me so happy. I hope everything works out for him. Sister smith and I are honestly in disbelief and are always asking ourselves "what is going on?? How is this happening??" and we don't know why or how Heavenly Father let this happen to us. Some ppl say it's new missionary luck and if it is I don't care I am thankful. Sis Smith was saying how we need to say thank you to Heavenly Father by finding even more people to teach. But every person we find is someone that Heavenly Father has put in our paths. It is just this endless cycle of Him blessing us and we can never repay him. I love him and I love Jesus Christ. I hope you are all thinking of him this week as we come close to Easter. Even though a lot of people here are different religions we all believe in Christ and I love that He is someone that unites so many people who otherwise have a lot of differences. I love him and everything that he did for everyone. Whether they chose to use the Atonement or not he did it for them anyways. I hope you all have a great week and pray for your own missionary opportunities!! Sister Madsen ** not much else happened this week besides a last minute indeclinable invitation from the bishops wife to be the entire soprano section of the ward choir during sacrament because no one else showed up. Me and my zero years of musical experience would say it was brutal and that I am definitely not a soprano but bunch gave sister smith and I a fist bump and said it was sick so who cares

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