Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Diversity Day January 9th, 2017

Hola bonjour hello. A cool thing that happened this week was that we
had fast and testimony meeting and there were testimonies given in
French Spanish and English and it was just beautiful. I love when
people are different. I love that the gospel works no matter who you
are or where you are from, and that people can still be different and
have different opinions and backgrounds but we can all find a common
ground in our testimonies of the Savior. Diversity or die people. It
is my favorite. When I was filling out my papers I didn't really care
where I went because I knew there was going to be people everywhere
and it's just cool that I can be in the middle of no where Illinois
and am able to meet so many different people. One of the Congo
families that we taught this week was very sweet, the parents don't
speak English but the little kids were able to translate for us. We
were talking about serving God and putting him first and everything
else will fall into place and read some scriptures from the Book of
Mormon. We had them take turns reading the last section of 3 Nephi 13
and afterward the mom just looked at us and smiled and said "amen" it
was so sweet and the spirit was in the room and it's just nice to be
able to feel people's testimonies without words and it helped build my
testimony of simplicity and purity. That we don't need eloquence or
beautifully worded prayers and testimonies. We need real ones and true
ones. Christ doesn't care how much faith we have, it can be the size
of a mustard seed, if it is genuine it is enough

🌎Sœur Madsen🌍

Sister Turner and I aren't even companions anymore but with the amount
of pictures we take you think we would be. When I see her I keep
thinking it will be the last time I see her and so we take pictures
and then later I realize that I will see her again. But for your
viewing pleasure I will send them anyway

I lived. Notice the -13 windchill, and we are in the warm part of the mission

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