Tuesday, January 24, 2017

cold colds January 16, 2017

Another short one this week and I am sorry. A little bit. 
So first of all everyone has been losing their minds this week about an ice storm where it will be raining ice. Which I have learned is different than something most people would call "snowing". Essentially it rains. But it is so cold that upon hitting the ground it freezes making everything outside covered in ice. So whenever we are knocking on people's doors they are mystified as to why we are outside BC #1 ice #2 cold. And at first I was really confused as to why people wouldn't go outside because of the weather and they were acting all hopeless and like their lives were out of their control and they couldn't do anything because it was cold outside and I was so confused and thinking "WHO CARES" and then I remembered they aren't missionaries and don't have to be outside all the time and living a life where you aren't a missionary sounds really weird sometimes
Anyways we have woken up every day this week with disappointment because the ice storm never came and nothing looks frozen over. 
Second of all I am sick and so is sister Wallace. Which is terrible. TERRIBLE. We both got permission to take a nap on Saturday which means we missed a lesson with our Congo family. We weren't able to let them know because we don't have their phone number because we can't communicate with them BC French. So we always just stop by on Saturdays and have a lesson. But we couldn't this week. And then we were sitting at church on Sunday and they came!!!! Without us reminding them, and then the kids came up to us and asked us why we didn't come yesterday and I wanted to die. And then Bernadette, the mom, asked us as well and I really wanted to just lay down and die right then and there BC we were so lame and sick and useless. But they were really nice about it. We told them we are sick. My main mode of communication with them is either saying "good" or "no good" so I told Bernadette "I felt no good" while frowning and rubbing my tummy. To which she replied, "ah, no good.." so I am pretty sure she understood. And sister Wallace told the kids that I was sleeping and they all died of laughter and weren't mad. They are so nice. It's always nice when things are more stressful in your head than they are in real life. Which pretty much sums up what these last 11 months have been like. Along with a lot of other things. I dunno guys, missions are great. Words cannot describe. I'm really sick. I'm ready to see some miracles in Galesburg. I'll tell you about them next week!
Sister Madsen  

I guess I haven't even sent a picture of sister Wallace and I?? She is great. Here is a live-action-just-taken picture of the two of us sickos emailing 

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