Thursday, October 6, 2016

from suspected burglar to new missionary trainer Oct. 3, 2016

The inspiration for the title of this weekly update comes from two sources
1 real events that happened last night
2 an incredible video put out by the church that has become my mission
dream that is titled From Gang Member to Good Man -look into it

Let's start backwards with what happened on Sunday.

We watched General Conference at our church building and upon arriving
there at the designated time of 11 we met a man named Micheal who had
been formerly investigating the church and had decided that it was
time for him to come back. So he did. At 10. When church normally
starts. And he just waited until somebody showed up. And then he
stayed for the first session of Conference and the ward potluck

we waited for the text letting us know if we were getting transferred or not.

We stopped by Tremetrius who we have stopped by many times and she has
always told us to come back at a different time. So on Saturday she
even wrote down the time she wanted us to come back the next day so
that she would remember.
She was not home.

We stopped by a couple other people who all set up actual return
appointments for specifically Tuesday and it was bizarre and wonderful

We talked with a man named Angelo who talked with us for a couple
minutes and then put out his cigarette and then we kept talking and
then he went inside and put a shirt on and came back out and talked
with us some more.

Then it was getting late and so we went over to a more fancy side of
town to tract and we had only knocked three doors when under the
moonlight we see a glistening white police car. We proceeded walking
until he got out of his car and asked us for our ID's and what we were
doing. We told him and he said he wasn't interested. He then explained
to us that a call had been received from someone in the neighborhood
about suspected burglars and that he needed our IDs and to fill out an
incident report or something.

two hours later Sister Peterson and I received our transfer call from
President Griffin. Who let us know that we would both become trainers
this next transfer. aka responsible. I will stay here and train a
brand new missionary who is probably on a plane as I type this. And
Sister Peterson will finally get a taste of the city and of a Target
in Elgin. She will be follow up training Sister Jardine. Who also went
to our high school.

The inadequacy that I feel is indescribable, but I know that God is
with me. He has been kind enough to allow me to have a full day of
lessons scheduled for Tuesday when the new missionary comes so that
she can come into the area excited and on the right foot. He allowed
me to feel, for the first time, a witness of the truth of the Book of
Mormon as I bore testimony of it to a member who didn't have her own
testimony of it either. In his strength we can do all things!! 2 Nephi

I hope Conference was great for all of you and I hope you received
answers to your prayers and I hope you all go take a nap for me today
because I couldn't fall asleep until around 2 this morning

Have a good one!

šŸŒ¾Sister MadsenšŸŒ¾

Sister Peterson told me to go stand in the telephone booth and I was
really confused.
And then we saw this giant pretzel sculpture in the middle of the street

The District!

La'Shay likes to sing I Am a Child of God off my iPad

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