Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It takes two to make a thing go right October 11, 2016

I have received my new companion!!!!! And her first name is Hannah! And she is an all star. Her name is sister Corbett and is is from South Jordan and was on the Lacrosse team at Utah state. Super kewl. Not much happened this week unfortunately. We had all those appointments set up for Tuesday so that she could teach and then we didn't get home until really late. But there have still been miracles that have been witnessed. A lot of weeks ago Sister Peterson and I were walking down the street and this guy was putting a lot of couches into the bed of his truck and so we helped him out and talked with him for a little bit. Then this lady came up to us and we were giving them a card and the Man told us their names were Joe and Diamond and that we could hit them up (these were his exact words) anytime on Rossler street and that their house had a white swing in front of it. Well we were trying to find what in the world street they were talking about but we couldn't find it on any map. And we had no way to get in contact with them. Fast forward to last week. Sister Corbett and I are driving along and we see a sign and it says ROTZLER st. And we turn down it. And low and behold right in front of us there is a WHITE SWING. It was truly a miracle. We didn't find Joe and Diamond. But we did find Steve and Megan and her daughter. Who we are teaching on Tuesday. we also found this 85 year old woman named Beth who told us she wasn't interested and then told us a story about how she was sitting on her dining room chair watching tv when suddenly all of her bottom teeth fell out except for one. Which, visibly, was true.
I love Freeport. 
We have also received 4 media referrals this week?? Sister Corbett is great and she is bringing all sorts of miracles to Freeport. For real. She is awesome. 
Anyways. At least for this first week training isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. It is still a humbling experience though. Because every day I understand more and more of how much of a crappy missionary I was at the beginning of my mission (hello sister smith I love you) but, God says not to compare so I will move on. Sister Corbett is really diligent and has a lot of fire and the first door we knocked she was chatting away before I could even say anything. It was really cool. Ok I will stop talking about her now.
This week was a little weird because of a lot of meetings that we had in the mornings so it wasn't the standard missionary week but next week we will be hitting the pavement and I am PUMPED. But I love meetings too, it's weird to say but they also pump me up and a so spiritual. In zone training this week they asked me to lead the music and much to the disappointment of my piano teacher (hello hollee) and all my Young Women leaders ever, I had no idea what I was doing and it was as obvious as it was awful. But I lived. I am pretty sure Sister Corbett thinks I am crazy and I am pretty sure she is right. 

🙏🏼Sister Madsen🙏🏼

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