Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Do or die is dead November 14, 2016

Well this past week was our Do or Die week. We had a lot of investigators but none of them were progressing. We ended up dropping Tarrone and Duane. We were never able to set up appointments and they kept on telling us they would do things but then never followed through. It was sad but hopefully one day they will be ready to make and keep commitments!
We did a lot of work this week with Megan and Steve. We brought one of the members from the primary presidency to both of our lessons with them and she has just been so amazing. She has gone completely out of her way to do everything she can to make sure they all have a good experience despite baby Megan's disabilities (have I explained this? Baby Megan is Megan's daughter who she named after herself. She has some mental challenges and some of the churches Megan has taken her too have asked her not to come back soooooooooooo). Anyways she bought toys and games and books she would like, Made a good lesson for her, and set up her own primary room in case she couldn't handle being around more kids. She literally went so above and beyond. Even stopping by the members of primary during the week explaining to them what would be going on and how they should act. It was amazing she is great. They were so set on coming to church and all of the members were so excited to meet them! We found someone to even pick them up and drive them to church. 
And then.
They slept in and missed church. It was really disappointing but we are just going to have to be patient.
So it was a little bit of a frustrating week where we worked hard but no one was following through. Thankfully we got to stop by and see Sister Alberts. This woman is the happiest person I've ever met. She is so beautiful and made us smile and laugh when we were feeling a little down. We took pictures with her. She is so full of charity. We showed her the Conference talk Joy and Spiritual Survival because it is literally her. She is 95 years old and just the nicest and happiest lady I have ever met. and dresses to the 9s every time we see her. Watching her watch that conference talk made both Sister Corbett and I cry. She was just so happy and laughing and really excited. I'm not sure when the last time was that she saw General Conference because no one in her family comes around to show it to her. That made me cry. And seeing her happy made me cry. I love old people. There are a lot of them waiting for me in Heaven.
I am really learning how beautiful and important charity is. Christ loves us even when we don't keep the commitments we make with him, so we need to be patient with others too and just keep on loving them. Ultimately that's all we can do as missionaries. No matter how hard we tried we couldn't force Megan and Steve to come to church but we can always love them and charity never faileth!
P.S. Transfers came and Sister Corbett and I are BOTH staying in Freeport!!!!!!!! #HALLELUJAH
which means Thanksgiving and Christmas in the promised land. Which also means we bought matching Christmas onesies at Walmart to celebrate. pictures to come.

Sister Alberts!
In the background is a painting THAT SHE PAINTED
And also she didn't understand what a selfie was and the reaction was gold

Illinois = bugs
And Sister Corbett snuck a pic at church of our comp unity 

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