Thursday, December 22, 2016

she hath done what she could December 12, 2016

Mark 14:8
snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow
mucho snow
and we only slightly crashed once so all is good in this hood. Sister
Corbett is a fantastico driver.
The highlight of this week was definitely the ward Christmas party.
The Duede's brought their neighbors who just moved in across the
street and they are so cute!! It is this mom and she has 6 kids which
would be so great for this ward. It was exciting to be able to talk
with them, we invited them to the Christmas service at church and
hopefully the Duede's invite them over soon and we can all sit down
and talk about the gospel.
This week for part of our additional study time Sister Corbett and I
watched part of the missionary broadcast that was given earlier this
year. Many different General Authorities spoke on different subjects
and Elder Bednar talked about our roles as missionaries and the role
of the Holy Ghost in our Heavenly Father's work, and I realized
something very comforting. Which is that I give myself way to much
credit. Most of our investigators aren't progressing anymore, and I
haven't been able to figure out why that is and what I am doing wrong
or saying or not saying that isn't making them progress. And the
message that I have gotten over and over this week is something that
is best summed up into what Judy said to me. You can lead a horse to
water but you can't force it to drink. which.. obviously.. But I have
been feeling like with enough faith or enough boldness I can get these
people to progress but I can't. bc agency. which.. I know this.. but
it didn't register in my brain. And it isn't my job to make them
progress or keep commitments or come to church, and this is what I am
getting at. As missionaries we aren't the ones that convert these
people, it's the spirit. The Holy Ghost is what motivates people to
change. I do pretty much nothing. I state the facts and I give my
testimony about the facts which brings the spirit into the lesson
which then testifies of my testimony of the facts and brings those
feelings to their hearts and then they feel them. and then we invite
them to do things with these facts. and then they choose what to do
with everything that has just happened.. and that's it. I'm not walking
around trying to find ways the holy ghost can help me. I need to
figure out how I should be helping the Holy Ghost. Because I know
nothing about anything about these people or what they go through or
where they have been. But God does. So if we don't have the spirit we
like.. can't teach. Which I feel like everyone says all the time, but
its for real people. You physically can, but like why.. Its just going
to be words that sound nice but don't mean anything if you don't have
the spirit with you. So why would you. All we can do is 1 be worthy of
the spirit and bring it everywhere with us. and then testify of the
truth and allow the spirit to testify of our testimony. Which will
bring the truth to the hearts of these people who then have to choose
to accept it and allow it into their hearts. So how do we open their
hearts? I have no idea that is for another email in another life time,
There is only so much time in a Monday people. In Jesus the Christ it
talks about this obscure parable that I have never heard of but is the
greatest of all time in Mark 4:26-29 and it talks about a Sower who
plants some seeds and goes on his way and then later they grow and he
harvests them and it doesn't really sound like much. But the way James
E Talmage describes it is awesome. The Sower is the preacher of the
word of God (for example, a missionary)  he plants the seed of the
gospel in the hearts of others, and doesn't know what will happen. He
can do many things to ensure a good growth, he can water the seed,
remove weeds, protect it. But only God is able to ensure it's growth.
We provide the best circumstance and then leave the rest to God. Which
is very liberating to me and stress relieving. That my part in this
work is oh so small and I am only asked to do what I can and leave the
rest to Someone who knows a lot better.

Sister Madsen

Freeport is a Ward full of families and relatives. Who are
distinguished by if they are apart of the older or younger generation.
These are some of our Ward missionaries who I love, the older

For FHE we decorated a members tree!

And we are helping this Freeport Ward get up to speed with the
times. One selfie at a time

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