Tuesday, November 29, 2016

take me to church November 28, 2016

There is an elderly couple in the family history center with us right
now doing things for cyber Monday and the wife keeps talking about how
they don't need a kayak and she doesn't want to go on a kayak and
he keeps trying to explain to her that it is a travel website but she
just doesn't understand and I am dying #relationshipgoals

Thanksgiving? GREAT
I am just going to cut to the chase here. MEGAN CAME TO CHURCH!! it
was great! and so did baby Megan! and Steve (they got back together)
and Micheal!! (Micheal is the one who came conference an hour early
thinking it was church and then he stayed for 3 hours and the ward
potluck afterwards). He is really close with a member named Bert in
our ward and last year she invited him to thanksgiving and he came.
This year she had us over and extended the invitation to Micheal again
but he never responded (which is very much classic Micheal. we aren't
sure why he doesn't like using the phone..) BUT HE CAME he came like
three hours after we left but he came all the same. and then he came
to church as well. It was insanity. But we were able to lock down a
lesson time with him.
A couple days before church we had a lesson with Megan and Steve and
baby Megan who came over and sat between us and we soon realized why.
It turns out she has a thing for hair, specifically pulling it. My
eyes were welling up with tears that lesson. Partially because of the
spirit and partially because of hair loss.
But she came to church and it went really well! There have been a lot
of new missionaries who start out their mission here and I think it is
partially because of the members here. They are so welcoming and
loving and I remember when I first came here and how loved I felt. I
LOVE this place.
Baby Megan was pretty quiet during sacrament except when it came time
for the hymns. Then she got REALLY loud. Sister Duede said she was
singing along. It was really cute. They stayed for all three hours and
we talked with them afterwards and they said they had a good time.
Megan sat next to me during relief society and I snuck a peak at her
and she was asleep. But Sunday is a day of rest soo
have a good week and please just JAM out to some Christmas music for me.

🎄Sister Madsen🎄

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