Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I love Norma, May 2, 2016

These are the pictures that I am the most proud of on my mission so
far. I have wanted to take a picture of Norma since the first time I
met her one week into my mission and I am so happy that I finally did
because she is the sweetest lady!! The first one is a picture of the
new sunglasses that she bought for her birthday. She gave us is big
long story about how they are expensive and have diamonds on the sides
and then she put them on for us and said "don't I look Glamorous??"
And we were like YES LET US TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU. It was amazing
and she loves taking pictures, I probably have 20 on my iPad The
second one is when we wanted to do a funny pose and she slowly raised
her fingers into the frame and then right before it took the picture
she said "look you can see my arthritis" I love Norma

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