Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I feel Blessed, May 2, 2016

Ok, so this week has been super rainy so there are no yard work adventures to report. BUT that does not mean it was uneventful. To kick of the week we were going to do some weeding at Norma's house. But upon arrival it started to rain and she refused to let us go outside and insisted on us sitting and talking with her for a while. We willingly obliged. THEN she ordered the three of us pasta and sandwiches and talked to us about her friends in the FBI. Service brings miracles. She is turning 89 and because of her health is too weak to go outside, but every time we go over there she starts repeatedly apologizing for not being able to find someone for us to teach even though TWICE she has called us and said that there was someone at her house delivering food who could use the gospel in their life and if we could quickly come over that would be great. Neither one has led to anything but she might be the hardest working member missionary in our ward. Jerry's house is now up for sale and he has disappeared off the face of the earth. We did have the chance to help a couple in our ward pack up and move to Montana, which was nice AND while we were cleaning out her fridge she GAVE US EVERYTHING IN HER REFRIGERATOR. It was a beautiful moment and sister smith and I no longer have to be forced into vegetarianism because of lack of cash flow. We have pounds of Italian beef and sausage, salmon, FROZEN PIZZAS, chicken and much much more. I have said it once but I will never stop saying it. Service brings miracles. On a negative note it has been about 30 degrees and rainy all week. This wouldn't be a big deal except that OUR HEATER IS BROKEN. This also wouldn't be a big deal except that it happened to break on the day we do weekly planning. Which means about 3 hours inside. Which was brutal. Sister smith and I wear all of our pairs of tights and sweats and as many socks as we can to bed every night. Sister Smith even got away with wearing sweatpants under her skirt one day while we were out tracting and you couldn't even tell. Also our shower has been broken for three days Since we had to cancel a lot of our plans this week because of weather we spent most of the time tracting. But apparently if it is lightning we aren't allowed to be outside. So sister smith and I spent a lot of time driving around looking for people on he street we could talk to out of our car window. Sometimes we go car contacting and usually the people we talk to get pretty mad. So when I realized we were going to have to go car contacting in the rain I was thinking OH GREAT. People are already in a. Bad mood when we do this, they are going to be even more mad because they are stuck talking to us in the rain. BUT everyone we talked to was nice and took our cards and some even asked us questions and were pretty interested! I don't think anything immediate is going to come from us talking to them. But it just goes to show that you shouldn't discount or assume you know anything basically, because YOU NEVER KNOW what is going to come of it. Always follow the promptings you are given. In short, if I have to freeze to get all of the blessings that I got this week THEN IT IS WORTH IT. I hope you have a great week and do something nice for your Mother ;) I'll talk to you next week ~Sister Madsen

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